Jasra Harrisons Travel has pledged to provide a full service to its customers with sincerity and hospitality. Among services rendered are:

  1. Advise and arrange your travel trips within your budget in a professional way.
  2. Book for your cruise, air or rail tickets in advance, for your trip to any part of the world.
  3. Arrange your accommodation for your trip, from an apartment to a 5 star hotel or resorts.
  4. Preparing the most suitable tour packages for your family leisure holidays, Incentive Trip, business meetings, Honeymoon Packages, etc. suitable to the convenience of your economic budget or luxurious tour packages.
  5. Arrange for your transportation and transfers to places of interest; to and from various destinations in the most comfortable coach, bus or car.
  6. Procuring your visas, passports and other travel journey documentation prior to your departure.
  7. Arrange for your insurance coverage for your travel journey in case of emergency.
  8. Provide you with the necessary information on places that you will visit.
  9. Reconfirm your seats and rescheduling your journey in case of unforeseen circumstances.