Join us on a journey of discovery through the capital of one of the last independent sultanates in the world. Un-spoilt by the busloads of tourists the rest of the region has experienced, there are rarely moments where attractions are crowded with tourists. Take in some of the country’s iconic landmarks, from the opulence of gold-domed mosques and palaces, to the rich cultural heritage of the world’s largest settlement entirely on water, with the knowledgeable perspective and stories from a local tour guide. A must-see for first time visitors to Brunei with a full day to spare.
A short and sweet introduction to the symbols of Bruneian wealth, faith and identity. Make your way around Bandar Seri Begawan, the nation’s capital, and explore the exhibits of regal pride, be humbled by the towering shrines of Islamic faith, and marvel at the majestic residence of one of the world’s few remaining absolute monarchs. Along the way, get an insight into Bruneian society, past and present, and get better acquainted with this unique nation off the beaten path.
Tropical mangroves are a rich repository of numerous species of trees and other plants as well as being an essential part of nature’s erosion prevention and filtration system, particularly vital in ensuring the continued health of coral offshore. But they are perhaps most well-known for harbouring an interesting selection of wildlife, such as mangrove cat snakes, crocodiles, monitor lizards and perhaps the most curious of all, the proboscis monkey. Endemic only to certain parts of Borneo, these monkeys became known for their bright-orange brown coats, long white tails, and the protruding noses on the adult males. Head into the mangrove wilderness in an open boat for an adventure to spot these, and perhaps even more!
The Water Village is one of Brunei’s heritage jewels, being not only the world’s biggest settlement on stilts, but also the cultural heartland of the Brunei Malay. The ‘village’ in its name is rather misleading, as it was the capital and centre of the Brunei Empire until the modernization drive during the Resident’s administration. During your visit, enjoy a river cruise in a wooden water taxi, passing homes and public buildings on water, and then disembark for a short stroll along wooden walkways to visit a villager’s home. Get to know the culture of the people of water village – passing by a small island which they called ‘Placenta’ Island with the story behind it. Also you will be entertain with the local folktale that was passed down from generation to generation – witness rock formation that was belief as the top spin of Awang Semaun (First sultan of Brunei’s brother) as well as ship rock formation which called Nakhoda Manis.
Always preferred to get up close to the life of the locals, see the places they live, hear their stories, taste their food, witness their traditional trades and more? This is the trip for you! We will take you out of town, beyond what most tourists will see, and show you the different aspects of Bruneian daily living, a curious blend of traditions of varied influence with modern touches. We also take you closer to the monuments to the nation’s oil wealth, finished in gold and opulent marble.
The first part of your trek will take you through secondary rainforest – formerly cultivated areas which now feature a diverse range of plants, many which feature in the medicinal remedies of the indigenous tribes, such as wild ginseng. Numerous plants throughout your entire trek are used by the tribes as food, raw materials for crafts and building and surprisingly, even as beauty products and toiletries! Go deeper until eventually you emerge into primary rainforest. Marvel at the towering trees, especially the hardwoods and enjoy the cool shade cast by the imposing canopy foliage above you.

All along the way, listen to stories of life and experiences as you traverse into the depths of one of the last tracts of virgin rainforest in Borneo – our village guides have lived in these parts all their lives! Relish walking across the Mutong River, and even trek along some of the shallower rocky portions! Depending on your fitness and timing, you might even be able to trek along a creek to a small seasonal waterfall!

Thereafter, return to our Eco Village, freshen up then enjoy a hearty lunch prepared by local villagers. Some relax and photo time, and if time permits, a visit to an Iban longhouse before departing for Bangar, and returning to BSB by speedboat*, with fond memories of your rainforest discovery experience by Sumbiling Eco Village!

An ecological gem in the heart of the fast vanishing Borneo rainforest, Brunei’s only National Park beckons, reachable only by braving rocky rapids in a longboat. Surprising even the seasoned traveller with its offerings, some even compare it favourably against the best national parks around the region!

The fun begins with a 45-minute speedboat ride* from Bandar Seri Begawan to Bangar, zipping through meandering rivers lined with mangroves and nipah palms. From Bangar, its a short drive and a stroll into our Eco Village, tucked away in a corner of Sumbiling Lama, an Iban village, and fronting an upstream stretch of the Temburong River.