Experience Brunei International Airport

  • Brunei International Airport (BIA) connected to rest of the world in 1974 to meet the popularity in commercial air travel. A service hub fully-equipped with retail outlets, restaurants, banking and communication facilities, Brunei International Airport is continuously enhancing its services to develop itself a one-stop centre for travelling and services.

General Facilities and Services

Information Service Counter
For quick referrals, approach our Customer Service Officers to attend to your inquiries. The Information and Customer Service counters are located at departure lobby.

Lost and Found Counter
To enquire about a lost item, you can approach the Information and Customer Service counters located at arrival hall.

Medical Service
If you do not feel well or require medical assistance while at Brunei International Airport, you may go clinics located at departure hall and arrival hall.

Convenience Stores

Our convenience stores provide you with a wide range of products. They are located at departure hall and 1st floor of departure lobby.

Money Changers

All major currencies are accepted at the 24 hrs money changers found at departure hall.

ATM Machines

Located at departure lobby very close to excess baggage counter.

Parents Room

The Parents’ Room caters to parents looking for diaper changing stations and other related facilities. You will find a hot water dispenser for your convenience, and the privacy to attend to your baby.

Postal and Telecommunication

Located at arrival meeting point and also at departure hall.

Prayer Room

For a quiet devotional moment, make your way to our Prayer Room located at ground floor of departure hall.

Brunei Tourists Centre

The Brunei Tourist centre operates at Departure hall from 0600hr to 0000hr. The Centre is located at the departure level and offer the tourists enquire services.

Smoking Area

If you wish to smoke, you can make your way to our Smoking Areas at departure hall.

IT Services

  • Internet Services: Passenger can browse the web or send an email at our Internet cafe at reasonable rate by hour. Passenger can also enjoy wireless surfing at a nominal charge.
  • Wireless Services: Surf the Internet, or check your email. If you’re at Brunei International Airport and you have a WiFi-enabled laptop, PDA or handset then free wireless broadband is at your fingertips while you enjoy your meal at our lounge, restaurants and cafes.

Rest and Relax

  • Transit Day Rooms: If you need a short rest after a long journey, you can book a room at the Transit room. You do not have to clear Immigration to get to the room, so head on down to get a good sleep. Located at ground floor of departure hall.
  • Bar Lounges: enjoying your drink and finger food at the Sky Lounges located at 1st floor of departure hall.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Choose the variety of food from western to Asian cuisine from our wide range of restaurants and cafes.
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