Health regulations

Valid certificates of inoculation and/or vaccination may be required in certain countries. This information may be obtained from the local health authorities in your departure city.


You are required to have a prescription or a note from a physician if you are carrying syringes or hypodermic needles for medical reasons. Please do not dispose of used syringes or needles without the protective cap or in the seat pockets. Inform our cabin crew should you need to dispose of a used syringe or needle while onboard the aircraft.

Medical clearance

As a guide, Singapore Airlines will require medical clearance from a Singapore Airlines appointed doctor when fitness to travel is in doubt, as evidenced by recent illness, hospitalization, injury, surgery, or instability.

Medical clearance is also required in cases that require special attention or use of special medical equipment onboard, e.g., use of a stretcher, supplementary oxygen tank, or similar type of medical equipment. The objectives of medical clearance are to provide safe, healthy travel and high levels of customer satisfaction. When in doubt, please consult your medical practitioner on fitness to travel.

If medical clearance is required, please print a copy of the (Singapore Airlines’ Medical Information Form (MEDIF) and fax the completed form to the nearest Singapore Airlines office. Alternatively, you can obtain the form from any of our appointed travel agents or from any Singapore Airlines office.

Please note that there may be a delay in obtaining medical clearance if information provided is incomplete. Hence, it is advisable that you inform us of your travel plans early.


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